Sizheng Taijiquan, the Taijiquan of the four main directions, is a contemporary movement method to counteract the health problems that modern people are exposed to due to their environment and living conditions. These range from tension and pain in the shoulders and back, imbalance and stress, to quickly tiring eyes.

Video: Master Chen Peishan (20th generation of the Chen clan and 12th generation Chen Taijiquan.)

Sizheng Taijiquan is divided into 20 movements, with the flow of the movement following the flow of the Taiji character. The movements are easy to learn and their execution is adapted according to age. Sizheng sword and sabre forms can also be learnt later.


Basic exercises Chan Si Gong (unwinding the silk thread)
Taijiquan basics info>>>

Date 1:
Sizheng Taijiquan 四正太極拳 ( 陳沛山 )

1. taiji chushi 太極初勢 (opening position of taiji)
2. lanzahyi 揽擦衣 (fastening the long robe to the waistband)
3. heshi 合勢 (assembled stance)
4. shizi tuizhang 十字推掌 (Crossing the palms forward) - at the end of the movement you are turned 90° to the left

Date 2:
Sizheng Taijiquan 四正太極拳 ( 陳沛山 )

5. baihe liangchi 白鹅亮翅 (white crane spreads its wings)
6. louxi niubu 搂膝拗步 (graze knees and stride stubbornly)
7. shoushi 收勢 (receiving stance)
8. shangsanbu上三步 (advancing three steps)
9.yanshouchui 掩手捶 (Striking with the hand concealed)
10. liufeng sibi 六封四閉 (Six seals and four locks) - at the end of the movement you are turned 90° to the left)

Date 3:
Sizheng Taijiquan 四正太極拳 ( 陳沛山 )

11. danbian 单鞭 (simple whip)
12.yunshou 雲手 (cloud hands)
13. dishuishi 滴水勢 (water drop stance) - at the end of the movement you are turned 90° to the left)

Date 4:
Sizheng Taijiquan 四正太極拳 ( 陳沛山 )

14. zuoyou jinji duli 左右金鸡独立 (golden pheasant stands on one leg left/right)
15. daojuanhong 倒棬肱 (Inverted upper arms twist)
16. gao tanma 高探馬 (Stretching up on the horse) - at the end of the movement you are turned 90° to the right)

Date 5:
Sizheng Taijiquan 四正太極拳 ( 陳沛山 )

17. zuoyou cajiao 左右擦脚 (left and right foot sweep) - after the first kick with the right leg, turn 180° and kick with the left leg
18. qixing tuizhang 七星推掌 (push your palms forward in the shape of the seven stars)
19. jingang daodui 金剛搗碓 (Buddha's guardian crushes with the pestle)
20. taiji shoushi 太極收勢 (final position of the taiji)

This is a rough outline of the teaching process, my lessons are individually tailored to the progress of each participant and may therefore deviate from this schedule.

With this offer in units of 5 dates each, the participants can decide for themselves whether they want to learn and practice this art seriously, because this requires continuous regular learning and training over a long period of time.

I am just starting to teach in Meersburg, but if there is a sufficient number of participants who would like regular lessons, I will be happy to consider a suitable offer.

COURSE 1/2024:
June 2 - June 30, 2024 (5 dates)

COURSE 2/2024:
July 7 - August 4, 2024 (5 dates)

COURSE 3/2024:
August 11 - September 8, 2024 (5 dates)

COURSE 4/2024:
September 15 - September 20, 2024 (5 dates)

TIME: Sundays from 8:00 to 9:30 am.

LOCATION: Stefan-Lochner-Str. 45, 88709 Meersburg, in the garden behind the house (alternative dates in case of bad weather).

TEACHER: Anny Leippert

TUITION FEE PER COURSE: 120,- € for a total of 7,5 lessons
It is possible to join a course in the middle and will be charged pro rata.
A taster course is free of charge.

It is possible to have the courses recognized for teacher training with Master Dietmar Stubenbaum.


is a recognised teacher of the Small Frame (Xiaojia) of the Chen family, and Sizheng Taijiquan, in the lineage of Master Dietmar Stubenbaum (11th generation Chen Taijiquan), and in the lineage of Master Prof. Dr. Chen Peishan (Japan) and Master Chen Peiju (China). Both are descendants of the Taijiquan founder Chen Wangting (1600-1680), and are now the 12th generation of their family to pass on Taijiquan.

She is also a member of the board of the world association of Master Chen Peishan and Master Chen Peiju, the 'International Society of Chen Taijiquan e. V. (ISCT)', where she holds the position of ISCT Director Germany/Spain.